iNDiRPG: Freelancer List
Bringing you the best list of reliable freelancers in the RPG Industry
Robert Altbauer
Top 3:
Frog God Games, staff
cartographer, Savage Mojo, staff
cartographer, Dolmen Creative,

Gary Astleford
Top 3: Children of the Horned Rat
(Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play,
2nd Edition [Black Industries])
Scum & Villainy (Star Wars RPG,
Saga Edition [Wizards of the
Coast]) Thieves World Player's
Manual (D&D 3.5 [Green Ronin

Geoff Bottone
Writer/Game Designer
Top 3: Critical!: Go Westerly RPG
with Jonathan Lavallee (publication
date TBD), Red Dragon Inn I and II,
Kung Fu Fighting.

Peter "Blix" Bryant
Top: 3
Savage Worlds line for Tri Tac
Staff Artist/Podcast Co-Host: Tri Tac
Staff Artist: R.Talsorian Games

Mark Edwards
Top 3:
1. Wrote the Wuxing entry for
Shadowrun Corporate Guide 2.
Wrote most of the Anatomy of a
Shadowrun entry for Shadowrun
Runner's Toolkit 3. Wrote the
Bogota entry for Shadowrun Feral
Cities. And just as a personal note,
I take pride in having never missed
a writing deadline.

Katy Grierson (kovah)
Top 3: Hereafter Cover for Idle
Intellectual Games, Front Cover for
Knightvision Games, Esper Critters
for Loki Games

Jay Libby
Top 3: G-Core (Artist, Writer), Dr.
Who Aliens and Creatures
(Contributing Writer), Cyberpunk v3:
Edgerunners (Cover and
contributing interior artist)

Bradley K. McDevitt
Artist/Graphic Designer
Top 3: Goodman Games, Atlas
Games, Postmortem Studios

Mike Olson
Top 3: Legends of Anglerre (writer),
Anglerre Companion (writer), The
Kerberos Club: FATE Edition

Aaron Rosenberg
Writer/Game Designer
Top 3: Gamemastering Secrets,
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, the
Supernatural Roleplaying Game.
Novels--Top 3: (for RPG-related)
would be The DaemonGates trilogy
for Warhammer, Exalted: the
Carnelian Flame, and World of
WarCraft: Tides of Darkness.

WJ MacGuffin
Artist or writer: Writer
Top 3 Credits:
1) Criminal Histories for Paranoia
XP (Mongoose Publishing)
2) Dossiers for The Laundry
(contributor - Cubicle 7)
3) Triune RPG (Happy Bishop

Adam Schmidt
Top 3:
Dark Skull Studios  
QT Games
Feytouched Studios